First night after surgery:

When you leave the clinic after surgery, a bandage will be applied to your donor area. To prevent you from colliding with left and right, you will receive a neck pillow for 1 week and you must lie on your back and sleep. After surgery, you may feel swelling, itching, and minor pain. To relieve these symptoms, your doctor may recommend using ice, lotions, or soothing medications while washing.


Itching: Itching is a sign of healing and it is normal to feel this feeling 2-3 days after surgery. Do not scratch or insert a nail in the transplanted area. The itchy feeling can last for several days. If you find it unbearable, you can share it with our team and they will help you further what you can do about it.


Swelling: A few days after surgery, there is rarely swelling on the face and usually around the eyes. In this case it is best to put some ice on the swollen area. No special medicines are needed. Swelling disappears on its own after about 5 days. The swelling can vary depending on how tired you are. Try to rest as much as possible for the first three days after surgery.



The wounds are treated in the clinic the day after surgery. After caring for the wounds, the bandage is removed from the donor area.



As explained by our hair team and the special lotion you get after the hair transplant.

The hair washing procedure is started as described with the shampoo. The hair washing procedure should be continued in the same way until the 10th wash. Healing of the scalp and after the crusting is visible you can watch the peeling video sent to you you can wash and the scabs go away.



The hairs have become stronger day 5-7 after the operation and will no longer fall off when touched.

Vermijd beschadiging en steek geen nagel in het beplante gebied. U kunt tijdens deze periode jeuk voelen. Dit is normaal en is een teken van herstel.


DAY 15-30

About 2 weeks after the hair transplant you will get your normal appearance back.

Your appearance will return to normal within 2-3 weeks; the difference between your transplanted and existing hair will disappear. Because of this, it will not be understood that you have had a hair transplant.