Hair transplantation for women is an extremely important treatment, as it will have a positive effect on their self-image. Hair loss or hair loss is a worrying situation that no one wants to experience. Hair loss negatively affects the person's psychology and appearance. This situation has a greater effect on women than on men. It is true that not feeling well enough in social relationships, constantly trying to camouflage the area that has hair loss or being confronted with the fact that your hair is falling are perceived psychological problems. Although hair transplantation is more common among men than women, it is more common for women to use hair transplants.

Redenen voor haarverlies bij vrouwen:

-Genetische aanleg

-Heavy Diet Practices

-Autoimmune Diseases

-Iron deficiency

-Drug use




-Extreme stress

It is not necessary to shave all the hair in hair transplantation that is applied to women. The basic principles are the same. However, hair transplantation must take into account the special circumstances of women. Hair transplantation in women can be done both shaved and unshaven. Sowing method is determined according to the preference of the person. A more dense and dense planting when sheared can be done. With unshaven sowing, care and washing will be more difficult compared to shaved sowing. 

The maximum number of grafts that can be taken during surgery can be set at 2500-3000 in people who have not been shaved. For people who have shaved and who need more, a plan can be made for the number of grafts that will come out. In summary, hair transplantation in women is also an often preferred procedure. It can be done shaved or unshaven. Planning is done according to the preference of the person.

A small window is opened by shaving in a way that is not visible between the two ears. This makes it impossible to see that an operation has been performed. Local anesthesia is applied to the patient with painless and needle free injection graft is taken using a micromotor. Channels are then opened to the regions where the leakage is experienced. Follicles are transplanted one by one, taking into account the correct outflow direction and angle. Follicles are transplanted one by one, taking into account the correct outflow direction and angle.

If the hair transplant has to be done between the existing hairs, then the transplant can be planned using the DHI technique using an implanter (choi). Female hair transplantation is also a personalized planning as with all hair transplant treatments. For this reason, by adhering to the consultation with a doctor experienced in this field, it is possible to properly regain the hair.